Pharmaceuticals Testing

Stability Studies

A stability study measures the extent to which a product retains, within specified limits, and throughout its period of storage and use, the same properties and characteristics that it possessed at the time of compounding.

A study commonly includes: a stability indicating method assay, sterility (for sterile preparations), endotoxin (for most sterile preparations), pH, visual inspection, particulate matter, preservative effectiveness, preservative quantification, microbial limits (for non-sterile preparations), and the absence of specified organisms (for non-sterile preparations).

Compatibility Studies

Also known as y-site studies, compatibility testing is performed to ensure that the mixing of two different formulations does not impact the physical or chemical properties of the drugs.

Raw Material Testing

Dissolution Testing

Quality tests to ensure proper performance of the formulation, generally solid oral dose forms such as tablets and capsules.

Microbial Identification

This test identifies microorganisms isolated during different phases of manufacturing and quality testing to the genus/species level using DNA sequencing.

PK/PD Studies

A PK/PD study analyzes the rate and extent of absorption of the active ingredient or moiety and emphasizes the use of pharmacokinetic endpoints in an accessible biological matrix, such as blood, plasma, and/or serum, to indicate release of the drug substance from the drug product into the systemic circulation.

Pre-Clinical and Clinical Analytical Testing

ARL Bio Pharma has extensive experience with chemical, manufacturing and controls testing for original and abbreviated new drug applications. This testing includes: identification tests, quantitative tests for impurities content, limit tests for the control of impurities, performance tests such as dissolution/disintegration and quantitative tests of the active moiety in samples of drug substance or drug product or other selected component(s) in the drug product. 

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